Employment & Training Centre

Decent Work

St. Stephen's is proud to support decent work.

We are members of the Better Way to Build the Economy Alliance, a collection of organizations that champions a good jobs strategy to improve the bottom line for businesses and the economy. 

We have also communicated with the Province about the importance of Bill-148. You can read our sumission here.

We believe in:
  • Increasing the minimum wage and ensuring increases in the future
  • Promoting full time, permanent work as the best option for working families
  • Offering fair scheduling with advanced notice
  • Providing paid sick time or equivalent for all workers
  • Closing the minimum wage gap for students and restaurant workers

As a non-profit

We encourage the government to make decent work a priority.

As an employer

We strive for decent work for our employees.

As an employment service provider

We encourage our employer partners to provide decent work.