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I Vote, I Count - Democracy Festival 2014

Oct 22, 2014

I Vote, I Count Democracy Festival 2014

On October 17, we celebrated the right to vote and the ability to make our voices heard. People had the chance to share their reasons for voting or voting experience on the message board or speaker’s corner. And everyone enjoyed the good food provided by Scadding Court Community Centre and lively entertainment, including a reggae/jazz mix from our own Youth Services’ Duane Forrest, ball entertainment from Jian Huazhun, children’s activity centre, and a Chinese choir. The Health Action Theatre by Seniors (HATS) from West Neighbourhood House put on a play which focused on politicians, their promises and lack of consultation with vulnerable voters about the issues that matter to them most. There was also a special appearance by Elmer the Safety Elephant, who entertained children of all ages.

Thanks to our partners, Cecil Community Centre, Scadding Court Community Centre, University Settlement, West Neighbourhood House, and especially, Toronto Neighbourhood Centres for helping us make this happen.

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Housing and Homeless Services

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December 23

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