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Our Commitment to Fight Anti-Black Racism and Oppression

Jun 04, 2020

The Neighbourhood Group Community Services stands with Black and Indigenous peoples of Toronto in the daily fights for equity that they face. We cannot be neutral in a society that privileges colonialization and white supremacy in its structures, history and daily interactions.  Police violence is one of the most dangerous forms of racism and we need fundamental changes in the police and justice systems.

The Neighbourhood Group commits to advocating for changes to our criminal and justice systems, to address systemic racism in our organization and in our community, and to provide resources, services, and supports to further equity for Black and Indigenous people. These recent days underscore the need to fight together, where we live and where we work, for racial equality and human rights.

Anti-Black racism affects us all because it destroys the fabric that ties us together. As a leading organization, The Neighbourhood Group will not leave it to Black communities, colleagues and neighbours to fight against systemic violence and structures. We will name it and address it, we will learn from each other, and we will move forward together.

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