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St. Stephen's Community House

St. Stephen's named as one of Canada's top 100 charities

Nov 22, 2018

The 2019 Charity 100

Moneysense has been helping Canadians make informed choices about their donations and we're proud to make their top 100 Charity list for 2019.

Rankings are based on:

  • Finacial efficiency:  1) how much of a charity’s total revenue is eaten up by administrative costs; 2) how much it costs a charity to raise a dollar, calculating the percentage of donations and special events revenue eaten up by fundraising costs; 3) effective financial reserves; and 4) top-paid employee salary
  • Financial transparency: 1)  how well charities communicate their missions and impact to the public; and 2) the presence of audited financial statements.

Financial efficiency data is sourced from Charity Intelligence, a research organization that analyzes Canadian charities based on financial statements, the most accurate way to measure financial information.

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