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Community Development and Social Action

Community Development and Social Action

The Community Development and Social Action Program engages our staff and program participants in tackling the root causes of poverty through social change. This process of change is commonly referred to as "community development".

We focus on participants' strengths and find opportunities for long-term engagement. Some of the tools we use to give participants a voice include:

  • Participant involvement in program design, development and decision-making. This could include taking part in program advisory committees, committees and board membership, focus groups and other forms of feedback to keep improving our programs to meet their needs.

  • Skills building for civic engagement and public participation

  • Civic engagement, or taking part in the political process. This may include making a speech during a city committee meeting, participating in rallies or voting in elections.

Here is our updated video encouraging people who are homeless or marginally-housed to vote.

Here are our recent newsletters that show our work.

You can also see a list of useful online resources.

For more information, please contact us.