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Decent Work

St. Stephen's is proud to support decent work.

We believe in:
  • Increasing the minimum wage and ensuring increases in the future
  • Promoting full time, permanent work as the best option for working families
  • Offering fair scheduling with advanced notice
  • Providing paid sick time or equivalent for all workers
  • Closing the minimum wage gap for students and restaurant workers

As a non-profit

We encourage the government to make decent work a priority.

As an employer

We strive for decent work for our employees.

As an employment service provider

We encourage our employer partners to provide decent work.

We are members of the Better Way to Build the Economy Alliance, a collection of organizations that champions a good jobs strategy to improve the bottom line for businesses and the economy.

We issued a Joint Statement to the Ministry of Labour about Bill 148 with 18 other employment service providers across Ontario. A media release about the statement was issued on November 1, 2017. 

We also communicated with the Province about the importance of Bill 148. You can read our submission here.