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Causes We Endorse

Letter to the Standing Committee on Heritage, Infrastructure and Cultural Policy re Bill 23 - More Homes Built Faster Act

Letter to Mayor Tory and Councillor Dianne Saxe re encampments for people who are homeless

Equality of Care - Supporting Personal Support Workers

Joint Letter to Toronto City Council re 2021 Budget

Rethinking Community Safety - revising the existing policing model

Our Commitment to Fight Anti-Black Racism and Oppression

Harm Reduction Bill of Rights

Letter to the Minister of Children, Community and Social Services about changes to the Ontario Disability Supports Program - September 2019

Affordable housing: survey results from speaking with our participants

Letter to the Premier's Office re senior's dental care

Letter to the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing re Housing Supply in Ontario

Letter to the Ministry of Children, and Social Services about changes to the Ontario Disability Supports Program - December 2018

Planning for Prosperity: a letter to the Ontario government about ways to imrpove government services for people in need

Income Security Consultation: a joint letter to the Ministry of Community and Social Services

Decent Work: Fair Funding to the Non–Profit sector

Support of Toronto's Poverty Reduction Strategy - November 2017

Submission to the Province about Bill-148 and decent work

Youth Job Cuts on the Horizon: Op-ed letter by Bill Sinclair about 2017 city budget

How to be an Ally - poster from multiple organizations that discusses Islamophobia and how to fight it

Letter to Councillor Joe Cressy regarding TTC fares 

Letter to the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services regarding policing

Letter to and from Premier Wynne regarding Black Lives Matter

Statement in Support of Syrian Refugees

Youth Spaces - What We Need

Give Communities a Voice in Addressing Violence

I Vote Toronto

Ontario Youth Matter!  

25 in 5 Network for Poverty Reduction

Recession Relief Fund Declaration

A Housing Benefit for Ontario

Community Social Service Campaign

Letter from the Member Advocacy Committee regarding the 2012 Ontario Budget