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Leticia Garcia

Leticia GarciaLeticia Garcia

Settling into Canadian family life

These days, Leticia Garcia spends her time helping build a better community for other parents. But when she first came to Canada as a student, she was unaware of the assistance available to her. That is, until she became pregnant and discovered our Perinatal Settlement Services.

One of the first things Leticia learned was that she was not alone. The friendships and support she gained from her first moments in our program remain true to this day. With the help of staff and her new friends, she absorbed everything she could about life in Canada, caring for herself and her baby, nutrition, breastfeeding, parenting rights and community resources.

Today, Leticia and her family are settling into their new life in Canada. And she’s using her experience to help others. As a member of Parents for Action Now (PfAN), she is able improve the lives of low-income families through advocacy and social action. “St. Stephen’s provided me with the information and opportunities needed to integrate into a new country and help others along the way. That makes my journey worth it.”

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