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Lucy Ngaruiya

Lucy NgaruiyaLucy Ngaruiya

Graduating to employment, employing graduates

Lucy Ngaruiya knows where to look for dedicated and talented employees and volunteers: Our Employment & Training Centre`s Connections newcomer program. She knows it well because she graduated from Connections in 2002.

When Lucy first came to Canada over ten years ago, she needed the skills for a career in administration. Her social assistance case worker made the referral to Connections. “I remember how nervous I was as a newcomer and how little confidence I had. With the computer and customer service training, I gained the tools and confidence I needed. And the job placement was my first Canadian work experience.”

Today, Lucy oversees more than 1,000 people a year in her role as Volunteer Coordinator at Christian Horizons. Despite her success, she doesn’t forget the path she took. Since graduating, Lucy has brought 13 Connections students in for placements and permanent employment.

“I know the quality of the students there and how committed graduates are. The Connections staff guide people every step of the way, just like they did for me. They were like a family and still are today, even though I’m the one doing the hiring.”

“St. Stephen’s was the beginning of my success. Without Connections, I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

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