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AnitaGiving back during COVID-19

Peer workers like Anita helped over 1000 people suffering in COVID recovery hotels

“As peer workers, we’ve been providing holistic care for people who are homeless and recovering from COVID-19 in three recovery hotels. We’re there 24-7, providing comfort items and harm reduction supports to improve people’s stay, chatting with them and supporting them emotionally, and connecting them with resources. We work closely with nurses and other community workers to help people with the extra challenges that COVID and homelessness may create, especially for the issues that arise when people leave the hotels.

My job as a Community Health Peer Leader has made me realize that sometimes all people need is our presence. The relief people feel when they know someone is advocating for them, and helping them with their own unique situation, at a time when they may be dealing with a lot, is very comforting. For me, I can build on my own experience to care for people, not only physically, but mentally and socially.

As someone who experienced substance use and homelessness, this is an amazing opportunity to give back to a community that helped me.”

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