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Carol re-engaged with her neighbours during Balcony Bingo

The fear and anxiety of contracting COVID-19 places an extra burden on our mental health during the pandemic. For seniors like Carol, the isolation is yet another weight.

"Before the pandemic I was very active in our building, participating in many of the programs offered. When everything shut down, I was lonely and felt very isolated. It was so quiet in the halls and the recreation room was empty and dark. It was a very weird feeling.”

To alleviate the distress, our Seniors’ Programs team introduced Balcony Bingo and balcony concerts at our 11 Coatsworth supportive housing building. Weekly games were run on both sides of the building so everyone had a chance to join the fun and win prizes. The joy was felt by residents and staff alike!

But Balcony Bingo was more than just an entertaining way to spend the afternoon: It was a gateway to connect with residents who were isolated and lonely. It also allowed staff to provide help with other issues. For Carol, no extra incentive was needed.

“When the Balcony Bingo started, it was so nice to have something to look forward to. Everyone would come onto their balconies and say hello and the staff were waving and saying good afternoon to everyone. There was energy and life again in the building! It was a lot of fun and really helped with keeping me social and connected to the people I missed so much."

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