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ChantelleFrom money management to independence

Chantelle sees just how much the Voluntary Trustee program can help people find stability

Hunger. Unemployment. Housing insecurity. Substance use. These are just a few of the barriers faced by people on the street. Factor in the minimal benefits that people on social assistance receive and it’s almost impossible to break the cycle of poverty. That’s where Trustee Case Managers like Chantelle come in.

“It’s hard for people on government support to pay their bills or have enough for food. We help people navigate systems for things like securing safe housing or finding a doctor, all while working with them to budget for the essentials like rent, and in some cases, have a portion of their benefits automatically transferred to pay their bills. This stability allows people to focus on other things. You can see major life skills happening.

“One of my clients had depression and anxiety. He literally told me he never knew where his next meal was coming from. The first time I saw him in the Corner Drop-in, I could see the relief in his face. He just came for the immediate services, like meals, showers and laundry, but as he quickly became comfortable, he joined the Voluntary Trustee program. Because of his improved financial situation, he found a secure place to live, and felt confident enough to find work as a landscaper.

“Watching people go from the street to safe housing, having a job…even grocery shopping on their own…it’s amazing!”

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