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Chiloh Turner

Chiloh TurnerChiloh Turner

Taking advantage of opportunities

"Coming here as a kid, there was this great atmosphere; the drop-in was always packed. It was like a bridge between all the schools around in the neighbourhood," says former Arcade participant, Chiloh Turner. "As you grow in the Arcade, they put responsibility on you, get you involved with the programming."

A good example of this is young men's group The Gentlemen's Spot, formed by Chiloh and a couple of other youth because, as Chiloh says, "Nothing like that existed." He adds, "I definitely got opportunities here that I would not have got anywhere else. I got experience facilitating The G-Spot, facilitating workshops, working as a peer leader and writing proposals. Then I got the opportunity to get involved with the book It's Not All Black and White, both as a co-writer and as one of the people featured in the accompanying CBC documentary. I don't think I'd have been involved in a book if it hadn't been for St. Stephen's."

Now in his early twenties and still involved with the Arcade, Chiloh says, "The Youth Arcade is a safe space with people you can talk to and programming on real life issues. Everyone knows everyone here. It's like a family!"

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