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Clare Thaw

Clare ThawClare Thaw

Getting a good head start

A recent immigrant from Burma, Clare Thaw was iso­lated. She had no family or friends in Canada when she became pregnant. With no­where else to go, she turned to St. Stephen’s. She not only came with questions about pregnancy and nutrition, but also about what she would need after her baby was born.

Right from the start, Clare eased her anxiety by working with our staff and a family sup­port worker. Together, they explored how to get the help that Clare needed through childcare subsidies, food & clothing banks, as well as a parenting centre, the health informa­tion hotline and our Employ­ment & Training Centre’s Second Career program.

Equally important were the friendships she devel­oped with other participants in the program. Their sup­port helped ease Clare’s tran­sition into motherhood. Today, Clare’s daughter is almost one year old and is receiving everything she needs for a head start to a successful life.

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