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De Shan Huang

De Shan HuangDe Shan Huang

Learning for a new life

When De Shan Huang and his wife immi­grated to Canada in December last year, he didn’t understand one word of Eng­lish. “When people talked to me, I had no reaction because I didn’t know what they’re talking about."

“But everywhere I go, the TTC, shopping, medical appointments, I realized we need the language to join our new community.”

But it was not without res­ervations. “In China, I tried to study English but quit. My classmates were young – I could be their grandfather. They laughed when I was reading.”

It’s different at St. Ste­phen’s. Participants in the LINC English class are De Shan’s peers, not only in ability and age, but also in background and circum­stances. With the help of his wife, the teacher and the other students, De Shan’s confidence continues to improve as does his Eng­lish. “I feel much better now. I can have a simple conversation with others and especially my wife. I’m so happy now because we found a new meaning­ful life in Canada.”

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