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Elisabeta Mândroceanu

Elisabeta MandroceanuElisabeta Mândroceanu

Staying active for a healthier life

When Elisabeta Mândroceanu immigrated from Romania over 30 years ago, she never expected she would be learning to bake apricot cookies at the age of 90. But that’s just one of the activities she is trying in the day program at Leonardo Court Senior’s Residence.

The program offered by St. Stephen’s Senior Services at the Leonardo Court and Kensington Manor apartment buildings includes breakfast and lunch, morning exercise, group games, current events, workshops, discussions and cultural celebrations. This mix of activities keeps participants mentally and physically fit and gives them an opportunity to experience different activities outside their apartments.

The first resident in Leonardo Court, Elisabeta jumped at the chance to join the program. “Anything new, I like to try. Games, exercises, Chinese New Year celebrations, but especially the food. I get the recipes and try them in my apartment.”
But it’s much more than that. The chance to interact with others is perhaps the most important part. “I see and talk with the other people in the building. And the staff too. They’re so nice, always helping everyone, and they’re always smiling.”

“The program is so good. I don’t know what I’d do without it. It’s my life.”

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