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Demmy Restakis

Demmy Restakis teaches Delia Wallace, a recent hire from our Employment & Training CentreDemmy Restakis

Producing Talent

Throughout its 70-year history, Mr. Produce has distributed fresh food to restaurants, hotels and schools across Ontario. And for the last six, they looked to our Employment & Training Centre for new staff.

Office Manager, Demmy Restakis, is Mr. Produce’s point person: “We’ve hired people from St. Stephen’s for data-entry and our order desk. They’ve been a good fit in our office. Today we still have three of the St. Stephen’s hires working for us.”

Our Employment & Training Centre streamlines the hiring process by pre-screening candidates, offering space for interviews and job fairs, providing pre- and post-hiring support for new staff, and giving subsidies for applicants in some training programs.

For Mr. Produce, the relationship with St. Stephen’s was strong from the get-go. “The screening of applicants is very helpful, and I won’t deny that the subsidy for each person we hire helps. But it makes us happy to help young people get into the work force.”

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