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Gentleman's Spot - young men preparing food packages for people who are homelessA spot of kindness

Young men in The Gentleman’s Spot youth group gave back to their community

Like the many other programs in our Youth Arcade, The Gentleman’s Spot provides a safe and supportive environment for youth. The Gentleman’s Spot is a mentoring group for young men to discuss issues that affect them, including anti-violence, racism, gender equity and criminal justice. But what happens when social distancing temporarily closes the Arcade? According to Solomon Muyoboke, the Gentleman’s Spot facilitator, the youth take  The Gentleman’s Spot to the community.

“We try to keep our programming centred around give-backs to community members that are vulnerable. And I’m proud to say that when COVID-19 hit, the young men in this group wanted to donate their time and energy for people who were homeless. The group came up with the idea to help people on the street by purchasing and making lunches, including sandwiches, fruit and granola bars.

"The community has embraced and praised the hard work of these young men, and the people who received the food have been incredibly grateful. Some were even moved to tears. It changed the way these young men see people who are homeless. And it shows the community that young urban men really do care about their neighbours.”

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