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GiniCaring for seniors

Gini’s Personal Support Worker makes her feel safe and secure

It’s a story we see too often. Growing old without the support of family and friends, and trying to live on minimal income. Just ask Gini.

“Life was challenging. I was living in a dirty building that was infested with bugs, and I recently gave up my driver’s license because I need a walker. There wasn’t anyone to help me get around or clean my apartment.” That changed when Gini came to our office and asked for assistance with a housing subsidy.

“Staff were my lifeline to connect me to the amazing 11 Coatsworth building. It’s clean and safe and I feel comfortable living here. I was given a case worker who I rely on. She’s great to talk to and helped me with an application for Wheel-Trans, and found personal support workers who care for me.”

Personal support workers are the key for seniors and adults with illness or disability to live safely and with dignity in their own homes. Workers help people with essential services – bathing, shopping, cooking, toileting, cleaning and medication monitoring.

“Life is hard now with COVID but I am grateful for the staff support. They’ve been very creative with balcony activities such as exercise classes and bingo. I am thankful for feeling safe and clean – and so well cared for by all. “

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