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Hui Lan Gu

Hui Lan GuHui Lan Gu

Student...and teacher

Hui Lan Gu came to Toronto from Beijing with her husband, her son, and his family.

A much-loved member of English classes at the Language Training and Newcomers Services program at St. Stephen’s, the charismatic Hui Lan uses the knowledge of English she has gained to help teach her fellow seniors. Hui Lan loves sharing her knowledge of English and experiences of becoming a part of Canada. She took part in the St. Stephen’s newcomers’ trip to Ottawa to learn more about life in Canada.

“I like learning English here," she says. "Daily, I speak to other friends. Together we talk conversation. But I learn slow,” she laughs, “because my age is too old. I go slow, slow, step, step. Today I learn new words, but I forget fast, so I learn the new words again tomorrow. I attend two classes at SSCH, and both my teachers: Rayisa and Carmen are very nice, very patient!”

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