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JovanaSaving my family

Jovana and her family fled violence for a better life in Canada

Life in Brazil is not conducive for families. Finding work is difficult in the best of times. Violence is frequent and often lethal. Jovana saw this first-hand.
“It was too violent. My family was assaulted multiple times and my brother-in-law was killed. Our only chance to save our family was to come to Canada. But here, it’s been very difficult too. It’s like we were starting all over again.”

Jovana’s husband could only find precarious work. Their situation became worse during COVID-19 as jobs became scarce.

“With our new baby, we didn’t know what to do. I was so relieved when I found out how The Neighbourhood Group could help…access to housing, food banks, healthcare and financial support. And the emotional support was so important. I was so anxious having my baby in a new country but having staff speak in my own language helped so much.

Staff were also able to help me with donations during COVID-19.  I was very grateful for the grocery gift cards, and a stroller and car seat I received. This freed up money to pay the rent, buy food and pay for other necessities.

My family is doing much better now. I know I can count on The Neighbourhood Group to connect me to the resources I need to adapt to life in Canada, and life with a new baby.”

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