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Myha Trinh

Myha TrinhMyha Trinh

Knowing is half the battle

When Myha first came to St. Stephen's, her physical and mental health issues had gone undiagnosed, she had anger issues and she had difficulty interacting with others. She had lived in a women's shelter for three years.

At the House, Myha opened up about how she had been emotionally abused by her family and left with no income. Staff connected Myha with a psychiatrist and other medical professionals who diagnosed her as diabetic. Through counselling, she learned resources, coping methods and how to recognize symptoms before they a reach crisis point. Myha started coming to St. Stephen's more often, joining activities such as swimming and knitting with the women's drop-in group at The Corner. She is now enrolled in a computer class, has moved out of the women's shelter, and is one of the leaders of our women's group, teaching her peers cooking and knitting.

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