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Oliver Dick

Oliver DickOliver Dick

Lost and found

“I was young when I came to the city and had a hard life even before having grown up with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). Once I got here, I started hanging with users and drinkers and lived on the street. I didn’t trust anyone. To survive, I sold stolen goods and alcohol, and went to jail for it. When I got out, I went through detox. A cousin of mine heard about the Indigenous Voluntary Trustee program and brought me to St. Stephen’s.”

The Indigenous Voluntary Trustee program provides trustee services and case management from a culturally-relevant framework. The goal is to help people gain independence and find stable housing.

“Staff started by helping me network so I could survive on the street. It was important because I didn’t know how to live. I saw the value of trust in others and started to trust the staff. The Trustee program helps manage my money and staff directed me to some native organizations. Because of that, I gained perspective and that made it easier for me to open up and really get to know myself.

Thanks to the staff, I have a room at Art Manuel House and continue to go to the native programs. I’m surrounding myself with good people and creating a positive environment. I’m focused on doing things differently now so they work for me.”

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