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Reginald Hamilton

Reginald HamiltonReginald Hamilton

Finding your place in the sun

While attending to his own affairs, Reginald Hamilton was wrongfully accosted by the police. Although innocent, he would experience the darker side of the judicial system, which left him with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. As Reginald simply states, “What I experienced was a real hell and pure evil.”

In June 2003, Reginald came to L.L. Odette Place, a supportive housing residence operated by St. Stephen’s. Working with staff, he was able to settle down and find some peace. They also helped Reginald find health care when he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

Despite all he suffered, Reginald refuses to be beaten. He is an active participant in community events and loves sitting on our benches, soaking up the sun and the activity in Kensington Market. It was no surprise that he took part in The Shade Project, a two-step venture that consists of designing and constructing a shade structure for the front of 260 Augusta Ave. A mentorship program developed by our project partner, the architectural firm Sustainable.TO, allowed Reginald and youth participants to design the structure themselves with the same technology used by architects.

Throughout Reginald’s journey, one thing has remained constant: his ability to hold on to hope.

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