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Sarah Zerihun

Sarah ZerihunSarah Zerihun

The path to a youth’s heart

Sarah Zerihun was out of school and looking for work. “I needed guidance and purpose. Friends told me about St. Stephen’s and I reached out. I found one of the most exciting learning and teaching experiences in the Sons & Daughters Project.”

Hosted in our new Youth Arcade Studio at 219 Augusta Avenue, Sons & Daughters offers a platform for young people to come together in a safe, confidential environment to talk about the social and psychological effects of living with addictions in the family. The team uses creative media as an outlet, and is currently working on a film with poetry and spoken word.

“It’s amazing that as a peer leader, I use my own trauma to shine light on paths available among so many alternatives in life. I can reach out
to other young people who, like me, come from an immigrant family, and feel at odds with school and ever-growing social pressures.”

For Sarah, she found her niche and is currently studying social services at Centennial College. But she will always remember the impact of Sons & Daughters. “We touched a lot of youth’s hearts and it’s a two-way street. Our own lives were changed in ways I didn’t think possible.”

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