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TobiLight at the end of the tunnel

Tobi adapted to the Canadian workplace with the help of the Connections employment program

“Life was complicated. As a working mom, I had to put my kids in the only childcare that was on the school bus route. That place wasn’t well-managed and it was far from home. With my husband travelling so much for work, I didn’t have any other options.

Growing up as a young man in Nigeria, Tobi dreamed of making a better life for himself. After graduating from university with a degree in International Relations, he decided to immigrate to Canada to make his dream come true. But after arriving, the challenges of establishing himself seemed too difficult to overcome.

When he found out about our Connections employment program, Tobi started to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Connections helps newcomers prepare for and find work by offering training and a paid placement, giving people that essential Canadian work experience.

“In Connections, I upgraded my computer skills and learned about business communication, the labour market and how to apply for jobs. The job search for the placement was hard but the support and encouragement of the Connections team made it possible. And the placement gave me a hint of what a Canadian workplace was like.

"I am happy and proud to share that since September 2019, I am a full-time employee as an Administrative Coordinator at a food bank. I work with a team of 15 people and could not have done it without Connections.

"Because of the difficulties I had, in five years I’d like to have my own company helping immigrants like me.”

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