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Wayne Harris

Wayne HarrisWayne Harris

Working towards independence

Grappling with addiction, Wayne was referred to St. Stephen’s Toronto Community Addiction Team. “The caring staff helped me get my life back on track. They restored my hope and confidence. Because of them, I was ready to move on.” That’s where our Corner Drop-in Employment Program came in.

The Program starts by helping people enhance their skills to secure volunteer positions, further training/education or employment. People benefit from the program’s employment counselling, employer job matching and pre and post-hiring support, as Wayne did.

Initially hired by a snow removal business in Kensington Market, Wayne’s employer quickly saw his dedication and pride in his work. He referred Wayne to the Kensington Market Business Improvement Area (BIA). “Now I manage the Kensington Market Clean Up team from Spring through Fall. I liaise for the BIA, report the team’s attendance, order supplies and resolve workers’ minor disputes. The BIA was so thrilled, they asked me to head their winter snow removal program as well.”

“Thanks to St. Stephen’s, I’ve proven myself to be a valuable asset to the BIA, and more importantly, to myself.”

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