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Yang Yu

Yang YuArt feeds the soul

Yang Yu gained confidence and a sense of belonging in our Seniors’ painting class

Yang Yu felt isolated when she came to Canada.

“I didn’t feel good about myself. A friend was already doing some of the seniors’ programs at the Senior’s Activity Centre…dancing, the community kitchen and WeChats. I decided to try a painting class with my friend. I found that the staff at the Centre have a variety of things to do so everyone can find something interesting.

“Our painting teacher is very professional and teaches us very well, I think because she’s a senior, like us. She understands us, and teaches us according to our individual strengths.” As an artist herself, the teacher is able to use her skills and experience to motivate the class and bring out their talent. For seniors who have never painted before, their joy and sense of accomplishment encourages the teacher, and themselves.

With that encouragement, Yang sought help from our Client Intervention and Assistance service for help with government services. Today she feels like part of the community. And she’s transferred some of her colour-matching skills to her wardrobe. Her improved dress-sense boosted her self-confidence even more. “I appreciate everything from the classes, and the emotional support I get from the Senior’s staff. I know that I’m not alone and I can always turn to the staff at the Centre for help.”

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