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Crystal Methamphetamine Strategy

In recent years, we have noted a dramatic increase in the use of the drug Crystal Methamphetamine. Coupled with poverty, homelessness, un-treated trauma and a lack of resources, crystal meth use can lead to worsening physical and mental health, increased contact with the criminal justice system, increased use of emergency services and growing isolation.

In response to this rising crisis, we have created a Crystal Meth Strategy, a three-pronged approach that includes collaborative program development, research and evaluation and finally, knowledge creation and dissemination. A central goal of our strategy is to increase the capacity of service providers to respond to the crisis and individuals using crystal meth.

We created the Crystal Meth eLearning series as a means to provide an accessible opportunity to share knowledge across sectors. This includes hospitals, primary care providers, shelters, drop-in’s, justice system and community based providers. The development of the series was a co-design process and co-written by individuals with lived experience and providers. To get the most out of the series, we recommend viewing all modules in the series:

  1. Introduction to E-Learning Series
  2. Basics about Crystal Meth
  3. Understanding Stigma
  4. Paranoia and Psychosis
  5. De-escalation

For more information, please contact:

Steph Massey