Peer Program

Peer Training and Development

Our Peer Worker Program encourages people’s recovery from trauma and substance use through skill development and meaningful involvement.

Each year, 48 people are trained to become drop-in support workers and community workers. The program includes:

  • A screening and interviewing selection process

  • An in-depth, 18-session training program with topics ranging from ethical issues and boundaries to restorative justice and relapse prevention

  • Work opportunities in a variety of settings from drop-ins to supportive housing

  • Ongoing, individualized support, weekly peer group debriefing, supervision and pre- and post-employment coaching

For more information, please contact Nadia at or 416-925-2103 x3214.

Peer Pathways

A new project, Peer Pathways helps people with disabilities find employment. Participants are matched with employers during the 16 week program. We offer:

  • Paid placement, including coaching and support during the placement

  • One-on-one job search assistance

  • Employment workshops

You can listen to conversations on topics that peers face in our Smash the Ceiling podcasts.

And here's our new short documentary about peer work:

For more information, please contact Beth at or 416-925-2103 x2276.