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Conflict Resolution & Training

Our Mediators

Currently, we use more than 40 volunteer mediators. They have extensive professional training and have been through a thorough mentoring process. Our mediators volunteer to ensure that we can continue providing this free service to you. Some have been with us for more than 10 years.

We select mediators with a wide range of backgrounds to ensure that you have someone who best understands your situation and can help you resolve it.

  • Profession: Our mediators come from different backgrounds including lawyers, private mediators, teachers, engineers and artists.

  • Special Skills: Many of our mediators have specialty skills in areas such as human resources, education, governmental affairs, mental health issues, and homelessness

  • Culture and Language: Our mediators come from a wide variety of backgrounds and speak many different languages.

  • Location: Volunteer mediatiors live in our service area bordered by Steeles Ave. to the north, Victoria Park Ave. to the east, and the border of Mississauga to the west.

We offer internships and practicums with students from a variety of educational institutions.

For more information on internships and volunteering please click here.