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Conflict Resolution & Training

Types of Conflict

We can help with:

Neighbour Conflicts
  • noise issues, property line disputes, fence line disputes, shared driveways, use of common areas, etc.
Landlord and Tenant Issues
  • upkeep, payment of rent, notice and eviction
Interpersonal Problems
  • relationships between neighbours, colleagues, siblings, family, friends and roommates
By-Law Issues
  • St. Stephen's Community House has partnered with Municipal Licensing & Standards (by-law enforcement) to help them deliver better service, divert some cases from bylaw enforcement, and get to the root cause of long-standing community or neighbour-to-neighbour issues. The process is separate from by-law enforcement and completely confidential.
Minor Commercial Conflicts
  • people who are having a problem with a business or commercial operation
Minor Criminal ​Matters
  • minor assault, fear of personal injury, threatening, or property damage, (with the permission of the courts)

If you are having a workplace conflict, please see our Workplace and Organizational Services.

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