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De-Escalation & Negotiation Skills for Front-Line Staff

De-Escalation & Negotiation Skills for Front-Line Staff

Conflict is inevitable when people come together to achieve a goal, the way in which conflict is handled determines whether satisfactory outcomes are achieved and positive relationships developed. This practical workshop will provide an array of tools and techniques to enhance your competence in de-escalating and negotiating to resolve conflicts.

  • Participant self-reflection on their experiences of conflict and anger
  • Ways to stay calm during conflict
  • Understanding the nature and dynamics of anger and conflict escalation
  • Active listening skills to de-escalate people in conflict and to identify their underlying interests
  • Clarifying issues and common ground for constructive dialogue
  • Use of principled negotiation to generate win-win solutions
  • Setting boundaries 
Duration Price Dates
1 day workshop $ 300.00



Pay only $240 if you register 14 days before the session.

Please register online.

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