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Quick Intervention Skills for De-Escalating Conflict

Quick Intervention Skills for De-Escalating Conflict

This training will provide communication-based approaches and skills that will enhance participant’s ability to step in as a third party to respond to conflicts as they arise between staff, clients, or other stakeholders. Workshop participants will explore the nature and dynamics of conflict and learn the core skills of interest-based problem solving and active listening. They will learn how to apply these principles and skills to de-escalate conflicts on the spot by using our Quick Intervention model, a technique that puts out fires by improving communication and building understanding between people in conflict.

  • Understanding the nature and dynamics of anger and conflict escalation
  • Interest-based and other approaches to conflict resolution
  • Active listening skills to de-escalate people in conflict and to identify their underlying interests
  • Strategies to build understanding between disputants and to engage in problem-solving
  • Our Quick Intervention Model – a technique to resolve conflicts on the spot using mediation principles and skills

Duration Price Online Dates
1 day workshop $ 300.00

October 20, 2021


Pay only $240 if you register 14 days before the session.

Please register online.

For more information, please contact us by phone 416-925-2103 x 1253 or by email at