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Retainer Services

Conflict Resolution & Training can provide conflict management services for your organization on a retainer basis. Be it a short-term project that requires outside consultation, a department that needs a refresher in teambuilding and coaching, giving your staff access to neutral mediators; or the whole organization requires multigenerational inclusive communication skills; hiring us on a retainer basis gives you the flexibility to choose how to use the services we provide to best fit your changing needs. It is cost effective, can be fit into your annual budget, and hassle free. 



(1 Trainer)
 $3,000.00/d  $2,000.00/d  $1,000.00/d
 Additonal Trainer   $1,500.00/d  $1,000.00/d  $   500.00/d
 Executive Training
(1 Trainer)
 $3,500.00/d  $3,000.00/d  $   500.00/d
(2 Mediators)
 $ 300.00/h  $ 250.00/h  $   50.00/h
(1 Facilitator)
 $ 250.00/h  $ 200.00/h  $   50.00/h
 Informal Investigation
(2 Mediators)
 $ 400.00/h  $ 350.00/h  $   50.00/h
(1 Facilitator)
 $ 300.00/h  $ 250.00/h  $   50.00/h
(1 Facilitator)
 $ 250.00/h  $ 200.00/h  $   50.00/h

Minimum purchasing amounts vary by organization size; please contact us for more information 416-925-2103 x1249 or

Mediation Program

We can help if you are looking to start a mediation program within your organization, workplace, or community. Our mediation program start up package includes consultation, mediation training, material preparation, roster development, mentoring, and skills development workshops, based on over 30 years’ experience in dispute resolution system design. Every program requires consultation before a quote can be provided.

Contact us at 416-925-2103 x1249 or to get started.

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