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Workplace Mediation

Workplaces and organizations need to be dynamic, creative and adaptable. However, when poorly handled, these things lead to conflicts-which can damage individual relationships and the organization as a whole. Making relationships is the heart of what we do at Conflict Resolution & Training.

Mediation is a highly effective alternative dispute resolution process that allows participants to resolve their own conflicts and build better relationships for the future. Our mediators will conduct confidential interviews and then bring people together in processes that lead to understanding, reconciliation, and resolution.

Our workplace mediations have a high success rate: seventy-five percent result in a written agreement. Even when all of the issues are not resolved, mediation helps each party gain understanding and provides options for avoiding and resolving future conflicts before they start.

For multi-party conflicts, we start with a workplace assessment. Call us today for an estimate: 416-925-2103 x1249. 

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