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Tito Maughn

Tito MaughnTito Maughn

How to tickle your brain

One of the first things you notice about Tito Maughn is his smile, one that comes from the security of his full-time job. But for Tito, it was a long road to employment.

“I was having tough time getting work. A friend told me about St. Stephen’s Employment & Training Centre. Even after I started going there, it took me a while to open up. That’s one of the things they do – take the time to know who you are and what you want. They helped me see that I had problems with my anger and showed me better ways to deal with it. I didn’t know agencies did stuff like that.”

Staff recognized that Tito was perfect for the Youth Job Connection (YJC), a program geared to young people who are out of school and unemployed. “They tickle your brain and open you up to new ideas, things that help you find and keep a job, things like how to stand out in a crowd and having a good work ethic … how to fine tune everything you thought you knew.”

YJC staff found a work placement for Tito at Aroma Espresso Bar where he’s still working today. “Oh my god, things are so much better … a million times!”

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