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Yillian Rodriguez-Nadales

Yillian Rodriguez-NadalesYillian Rodriguez-Nadales

Connecting to a brighter future

When Yillian Rodriguez-Nadales first came to Can­ada from Cuba, she was a single mother looking for work. “It was hard to find a job without work experience here. My caseworker referred me to St. Stephen’s Employ­ment & Training Centre and it was the best thing for me.”

Yillian enrolled in Connections, an 18-week training program for newcomers on social as­sistance.  She received 12 weeks of computer and customer service training to go with a six week work placement. Brimming with confidence, Yillian started her new career in an entry level office position at DTA Services Ltd. Through her hard work, she became an Office Assistant and she is now an Account Manager.

Yillian is a prime example of how perseverance, train­ing and guidance contribute to success. “I’m so grateful to St. Stephen’s. And my son is so proud of me too!”

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