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Game Changers

GameChangers - It's in us. Shift Youth Conflict. Restorative Justice - Peer Mediation

Game Changers is a FREE Peer mediation school-based program focused on helping youth manage conflicts at a personal and school-wide level.

Currently, we focus on five schools:

  • Central Technical School
  • Ryerson Public School
  • Westview Centennial Secondary School
  • Oakdale Park Middle School
  • Brookview Middle School

The program will assist students, teachers, and administrators to resolve conflicts through Restorative Justice and Mediation.

As a Game Changer, you will:

  • Help reduce suspensions, expulsions and violence in your school
  • Promote a safer school environment
  • Receive community hours for school
  • Strengthen leadership skills

Enhanced GameChangers

Enhanced GameChangers expands the program to non-traditional hours to provide a timely response to emerginc conflicts. We will:

  • Support youth with action-planning and conflict coaching before, during, and after a conflict
  • Respond to issues using a peer mediation restorative justice approach when suitable
  • Prepare youth for release from custody or have been recently granted bail (within the first 10 weeks)
  • Support youth to strengthen pro-social skills, increase access and knowledge of community supports and take accountability for their behavior
  • Support youth and their families to navigate the Judicial system while serving as community connectors

For more information, contact the Game Changers team at or 416 925 2103 x2254.