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Youth Services

Healthy Youth Development

We offer a wide variety of programs that promote healthy development.

Academic Support

If you or your children are having trouble with the mainstream school system, we can help.

We support youth in their on-going challenges and successes by offering:

  • direct referrals
  • advocacy
  • tutoring
  • counselling

Arts Programs

Each year we provide weekly thought-provoking programming by local community artists who help our youths express their creativity. In previous years, we have offered Mosaic Art, Silk Screening, Photography, and most recently, “The Memory Project”, an initiative that provided a creative outlet to cope with loss. This program was offered in partnership with local Artist and former Youth Arcade participant, Sara Sniderhan.

For more information, please contact Amelia at 416-925-2103 x1993 or

Fitness and Nutrition

Our weekly Fitness & Nutrition Program helps you get fit, eat right and feel amazing. We offer a fresh take on fitness with a variety of alternative programs that reach youth who don’t participate in organized sports. Previous programs include Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Yoga, Zumba, Cross Fit and Breakdancing. All programs are lead by certified trainers and in partnership with various Fitness Clubs. Each program also has a Healthy Nutrition component that encourages healthy eating habits by providing easy-to-make snacks and recipes. We use guest chefs and speakers, cooking demos, discussions on nutrition and health, as well as cooking challenges to promote proper nutrition.

Snack Program

Our after school snack program is led by a Youth Peer Leader who creates the weekly menus and prepares the snacks for our drop-in participants. We follow the Canada Food Guide and Safe Food Handling Procedures. Youth are encouraged to volunteer in our snack program as a way to gain skills, knowledge and as a way to obtain community service hours.

For more information, please contact Courtney Walters at 416-925-2103 x 2253 or

Life Skills Workshops

The Arcade has a selection of weekly workshops on important issues affecting young people today, including Safe Partying, Healthy Relationships, Know Your Rights and Conflict Resolution. Our workshops provide vital tools for life. They’re interactive and we conduct them through an anti-oppressive and harm reduction framework.

Life after High School

As youth graduate high school, they may require assistance registering and applying to University, College, OSAP, Scholarships/Grants/Bursaries and Housing. We can help with the application processes and offer support and workshops on budgeting and obtaining & maintaining employment.

For more information, please contact Courtney Walters at 416-925-2103 x 2253 or

+Vibes Music Program

+Vibes (Positive Vibes) is more than the opportunity for young people to learn to sing or play an instrument: it’s about the whole recording process. That includes song writing, recording, creating an album and designing its artwork, promoting the album through website and social media, producing and distributing the album, applying for grants and getting their music on the radio. As a final project, participants create their album and perform for the community.

For more information, please contact Amelia at 416-925-2103 x1993 or