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Youth Services

Integrated Model of Care

Our Integrated Model of Care (IMC) clinic provides a range of free services to help young people who struggle with mental trauma caused by violence, exploitation and abuse. Youth workers work closely with a social worker, psychologist and nurse to help young people cope with their trauma. The nurse provides primary health care and prescriptions.

Developed in partnership with East Metro Youth Services, Youth Psychology Services (YPS) from Ryerson University and Planned Parenthood, IMC provides counselling and mental health care to young people who come to our youth drop-ins. Placing the IMC inside the safe, non-judgemental confines of our drop-ins helps to remove the stigma surrounding mental illness.

IMC goes beyond counselling and referrals. Issues that trigger the symptoms of mental illness in young people are part of the problem. Support for youth is readily available for things like school, employment and housing.

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