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Sons & Daughters Results

Sons & Daughters Project findings

The Sons & Daughters’ Project has seen great success in delivering effective workshops and evidence of the significant impact this program has had on the young people that we have served. 

After participating in peer support circles:

  • Youth indicated higher levels of knowledge and understanding of drug use as well as confidence in making harm-reducing decisions;

  • 84% of youth felt they had a safe space to talk about drug-related issues or experiences;

  • Youth reported more well-developed and articulated strategies to avoid drug use

  • Youth were significantly more likely to indicate availability of adult supports within their community

In addition to peer support circles, the Sons & Daughters project also provided workshops on Prescription Drug Abuse to youth, front line workers, educators and school administrators. The aim of these workshops was to create a dialogue in a variety of settings on this poorly understood topic, improve knowledge and increase understanding of the issues and pathways parental substance abuse is transmitted to the next generation.

After participating in our PDA workshops:

  • 80% of participating youth and 96% of participating adults found the workshops useful for their life and/or work.

  • 64% of participating youth and 50% of participating adults gained over 50% of new knowledge from the workshop.

  • 94% of participating youth and 99% of participating adults were satisfied with the workshop and similar rates of participants found the facilitators to be effective.

The Sons & Daughters’ project is recognized by the Toronto District School Board as an official partner in delivering substance abuse, mental health and resiliency workshops in high schools across Toronto and the GTA.

We will have the full report available soon.