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Enhanced Services

Employment Services for people with disabilities

Individuals with physical, cognitive and mental health disabilities typically have a harder time finding work, whether it’s due to the nature of the disability or the attached stigma. Thanks to Employment Ontario, we’ve developed an Enhanced Services Team that helps these youth gain employment and self-sufficiency.

Using a strength-based approach, our Team works with the youth, their families, and occupational therapists to create a personalized employment plan that focuses on the youth’s needs and goals. The therapist is integral to the process by identifying:

  1. accommodation needs
  2. the transition speed to employment
  3. the manageable number of work hours per day/week
  4. the necessary external supports necessary to help guarantee success
Employer participation is also critical. The first step is to create awareness so employers are aware of the benefits of hiring people with disabilities, and the services available to help modify workplaces to accommodate their needs. Our team also sets up paid job trials, ensuring that both the youth and employer are happy with the fit. And our job coach provides on-site support to help the new employee be confident and able to successfully perform the work.

The success of this approach has exceed our expectations: In October 2018, we were proud to receive an Impact and Innovation Award from First Work for our Team’s work

For more information, please contact us at or 416-925-2103 x4000.