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Please note: Due to the precautions from Toronto Public Health and the Province regarding COVID19 and social distancing, all workshops will be online. Registration is still required.

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Our workshops and classes give you practical information to help you find a new job.

Want to see a sample of some of the help you can get from our workshops? Check out these short videos: They have some quick tips about:

Resume Do's

Resume Don'ts

Resumes for Newcomers

Using Social Media for Job Searches

Virtual Interviews

Accommodation and Disclosure in the Workplace

Join staff from our Enhanced Services team who will take attendees through the basics of workplace and professional disclosure as a tool for creating a positive workplace experience. This workshop will include practical tips for job seekers, suggestions around what to consider, an in-depth discussion around best practices for making an accommodation request, and other helpful ideas to build an effective accommodation plan.

Applying for Jobs Online

If you need help when applying for jobs online, we are here to help. You will learn how to navigate through the various websites such Indeed and others; it will be hands on and interactive. This session is by appointment only. 

Beyond Bubble Baths: Develop Your Own Self-Care Plan

In this workshop, you will learn skills and techniques for treating yourself with care and compassion. Come out feeling refreshed and relaxed and ready to take on your job search!

Career Planning Tools during COVID-19

Why not take this COVID-19 "opportunity" to reflect on our own values and goals, so that you are ready when you start to transition back to work? This workshop will provide you with some concrete tools for self-reflection and a solid understanding of careers or opportunities that employers will be offering.

COVID-19: Not just a virus

While reviewing the timeline of Covid-19 pandemic in Canada, we will touch on how it has impacted the mental health of fellow Canadians, while exploring ways to manage the emotions.  Community resources providing support for mental health needs during the pandemic will also be shared.

COVID-19: Vaccines Facts, Fears and Stats

In this workshop you will learn about vaccines, facts, fears and stats. We will also touch on how it has impacted the mental health of fellow Canadians, while exploring ways to manage the emotions. Community resources providing support for mental health needs during the pandemic will also be shared.

Interview Skills

In this interactive workshop, you will learn how the interview process works and practice with sample interview questions.

Introduction to the COVID Labour Market

Learn about the current COVID labour market conditions. What are employers looking for, who is hiring, what you need to know…. Meet with our Job Developers for this workshop as they will share their feedback from employers and will answer your questions.

Jobs in the Green Economy

Join us as we explore what makes a green job and discuss the benefits of transitioning to a green economy: achieving sustainability and countering climate change.

Personality Dimensions

If you are thinking of making a career change, identifying your personal goals and vocational interests through self-assessment tools with help. After the workshop, you will access to an Employment Advisor to discuss options and next steps.

Powerful Communication at Work

This interactive session will teach job seekers the skills to become more effective communicators at work, as well as how to lead solution focused discussions in a variety of employment settings.

Practice Interview

This one-on-one practice interview with an Employment Advisor/Job Developer will help you practice and will give you informative tips and suggestions to improve your interview skills. This session is by appointment only. 

Reinventing Yourself

Whether you’re looking for a new career or you want to improve the one you already have, this workshop is for you.  Embrace your existing skills, values, interests, strengths and clarify your job objective and goals, through this engaging career development workshop. Leave equipped with new tools to empower you to reinvent yourself and achieve your employment goals.

Resume Critique

Do you need help with critiquing your resume, making it more appealing and marketable to attract employers; highlighting your many accomplishments, skills, and talents?  

Service Canada Programs & Services

Questions about Government of Canada programs & services? Unsure about the next steps you should take to get the government assistance you need? We will cover information on Employment Insurance and other benefits such as the Canada Recovery Benefit, Canada Recovery Sickness Benefit and Canada Recovery Caregiver Benefit. The focus will be on eligibility and how to access these benefits with a live navigation of the website. 

Social Media for Job Searching

Learn how you can use social media as an effective tool for career development by joining us for an enlightening conversation on the professional use of social media platforms LinkedIn, Facebook / Instagram and Twitter. These interactive sessions will provide you with practical resources and strategies to assist you with creating a positive online presence, network with other professionals and find employment leads.

Part I - How to create a professional social media brand and manage your online presence

Part II - Tour of the big three social media sites and tips for using them effectively as a job seeker

Social Media: LinkedIn Makeover

This interactive workshop will review how you can better utilize social media and the site LinkedIn for career and professional development. You will gain helpful advice on how to improve your LinkedIn profile and learn about the role it plays in your job search.

Please note: You must have a LinkedIn profile already created to participate in this session.
The Resume: A Living Marketing Document

Learn why resumes are constantly changing and how you can tailor your resume for success. Leave with a variety of techniques to market yourself when searching for work.

Thirty Ways to Shine

30 Ways to Shine at Work - “You have the job, now keep the job”.  You will have an opportunity to share your experiences and take away tips and techniques to help you succeed.   

Virtual Interview Skills

In this interactive workshop, you will learn how to ace a virtual interview using Zoom by learning the process and practicing with sample interview questions.

Work, Life Balance, Achieve Success and Self-Reflection

During this workshop be will be going over the pillars of a balanced life and how we can achieve success in each category. We will discuss tools and strategies for overall balance, and do some self/collaborative reflection throughout the presentation.

Youth Programs Information Session

This session covers our three programs help youth, age 15 to 30, who are not-in-school or working to gain skills and plan their careers. The programs provide paid training and work placements.

For details about the times of our workshops, please see our schedule. 

For more information, please contact us and start using our free services: We're a five minute walk from St. Clair West subway station.

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