Employment & Training Centre

Youth Unemployment

Youth unemployment in Toronto is staggeringly high. It is one of the greatest problems young people face. Here’s a few ways how we help.

Youth Employment Campaign

In 2015, we developed the Youth Employment Campaign. Bringing together diverse voices, including youth, employers, and community allies, we held a youth employment forum called Real Talk to Real Action.

The experiences of attendees helped shape a strategy to improve the ability of young people to find real, lasting employment.

Youth Unemployment Research Project

Tired of the Hustle: Youth Voices on Unemployment

Stemming from the Youth Employment Campaign, this project examined the barriers Toronto at-risk face when using employment services, gaining and keeping jobs, and the social and health impacts youth face when excluded from employment. The Youth Unemployment Research Project report was released in the Summer of 2016.

Decent Work

The announcement that the provincial government will increase the minimum wage to $15 was widely supported but the struggle to ensure decent work for people in Toronto takes more. Read more about how St. Stephen’s supports decent work.

Youth Employment Programs

A staple of our Employment & Training Centre, we continue to offer a variety of training and placement programs that help young people find and keep employment