Save our Overdose Prevention Site

Harm reduction saves lives

On Friday, March 29, the Provincial government cut funding to our OPS. All donations support our ability to keep the OPS open to provide much-needed services to people in our community.

We believe in publically-funded healthcare and being a part of the publically-funded healthcare system, but until government funding is restored, these generous donations are a lifesaver for our OPS, and for so many people in need. 

You can help save lives by:

  1. Making a donation to our OPS
  2. Contact your MPP
  3. Spreading the word about the importance of Overdose Prevention Sites and Supervised Injection Sites

And you can read more about how the community is coming together in this time of need.

We believe our city can be a place of opportunity for all. Driven by our volunteers, donors, United Way, and other funders, St. Stephen's Community House helps some of the city's most vulnerable people. We help:

We are committed to identifying and tackling the root causes, not just the problems our clients and communities face. We believe in a bold vision of Toronto, a vision of a strong, vital, socially progressive and prosperous city. When community comes together, so do the possibilities for all.