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St. Stephen's Community House

About Us

St. Stephen’s Community House is a unique, community-based social service agency that has been serving the needs of Kensington Market and other neighbourhoods in Toronto since 1962. We are dedicated to making our communities stronger, happier and healthier.

As part of The Neighbourhood Group Community Services, our 600+ staff and 2000+ volunteers help improve the lives of more than 60,000 vulnerable people in Toronto by addressing the most pressing issues in our community: hunger, homelessness, unemployment, isolation, conflict, violence, HIV and AIDS, youth alienation and integration of immigrants.


Stronger Together


A resilient, inclusive society in which opportunity, empowerment, and social and economic justice create a better quality of life for all


The Neighbourhood Group works with people at every stage of their lives, providing access to innovative and effective programs, and collaboratively building and advocating for an equitable, just, and vibrant community.