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Services during COVID-19

Childcare Centres are now open

While our centres are open, we are dedicated to the safety of the children, parents and staff by ensuring protocols are in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The Centres have been inspected and approved by Public Health and the Ministry of Education. If you have any questions, please contact the centres directly.

Other buildings remain temporarily closed but that doesn't mean we're stopping our services! Essential services at 260 Augusta will remain open, including our Corner Drop-in and Overdose Prevention Site. We are also offering virtual services for most programs through email, phone and online.

  • Conflict Resolution & Training: all services available by email, phone and online
  • Employment & Training: programs and workshops are available online; one-on-one job search support available by email and phone
  • Newcomer Services: English classes and chats available online; settlement and perinatal support available by email and phone
  • Senior Services: general assistance available by email and phone; weekly activities available by phone
  • Urban Health & Homeless Services: Overdose Prevention Site, Corner Drop-in, financial trusteeship, Toronto Community Addiction Team, Toronto Drop-in Network, case management, housing services and peer programming are available in person, by email and telephone
  • Youth Services: youth justice and diversion, general assistance and the Youth Arcade Studio are available by email, phone and online. 

For more information about closures or our services during the situation, please contact us at 416-925-2103 x7777 or


Your well-being is our highest priority during the current pandemic. 

The following buildings will be closed until further notice:

  • 91 Bellevue Ave. - childcare is open
  • 219 Augusta Ave.
  • 258 Augusta Ave.
  • 340 College St.
  • 1415 Bathurst St. 
  • 5231 Yonge St.
  • 1280 Finch Ave. 

We are staying in close contact with the relevant authorities and we will reassess the situation as necessary.


St. Stephen’s is a member of 211 Toronto (dial 211 on your telephone) to access all resources in your community. This phone line is in service 24/7 for help and referrals.

Our Commitment to Fight Anti-Black Racism and Oppression

The Neighbourhood Group Community Services stands with Black and Indigenous peoples of Toronto in the daily fights for equity that they face. We cannot be neutral in a society that privileges colonialization and white supremacy in its structures, history and daily interactions.  Police violence is one of the most dangerous forms of racism and we need fundamental changes in the police and justice systems.

The Neighbourhood Group commits to advocating for changes to our criminal and justice systems, to address systemic racism in our organization and in our community, and to provide resources, services, and supports to further equity for Black and Indigenous people. These recent days underscore the need to fight together, where we live and where we work, for racial equality and human rights.

Anti-Black racism affects us all because it destroys the fabric that ties us together. As a leading organization, The Neighbourhood Group will not leave it to Black communities, colleagues and neighbours to fight against systemic violence and structures. We will name it and address it, we will learn from each other, and we will move forward together.

Save our Overdose Prevention Site

Harm reduction saves lives

Despite the Province’s funding cut to our OPS, we are still providing much-needed services to people in our community. And thanks to your generosity, we have expanded our services, increasing our OPS hours and adding an additional consumption space. But until government funding is restored, we must continue to rely on generous donations to keep our OPS open to save lives.

You can help: Please donate to our OPS.

And read more about how the community is coming together in this time of need.

Stronger Together

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