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Foundational Interpersonal Mediation - September 15/22/29

Foundational Interpersonal Mediation

Participants will develop practical skills and techniques to mediate interpersonal disputes as a third party neutral. Learning our proven three-phase mediation model will allow you to mediate disputes quickly and effectively. The model empowers people to resolve their own conflicts through mutual understanding and cooperation, leading to long lasting results.

This training is not a prerequisite to the Intensive Interpersonal Mediation training.  

  • Defining conflict and conflict resolution processes
  • Interest-based (win/win) problem solving
  • Active listening and questioning techniques; restating, acknowledging, and validating
  • S.M.A.R.T agreements
  • Preparing for a mediation session
  • Extensive use of realistic demonstrations and role playing as well as group discussions

Please register online.