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Fighting the Cuts for Homeless Benefits Part II

Dec 27, 2012

Government Cuts Restored...Thanks to You!

On December 27, the Ontario government announced that $42 million of the cut to the Community Start Up and Maintenance Benefit (CSUMB) funding will be restored. The money will go to municipalities across Ontario under the new system. You can read the announcement here.

The Ontario Liberal Government finally responded to the pressure from many low income people and their advocates across Ontario. St. Stephen's played a crucial role through the Member Advocacy Committee (MAC) at the Corner Drop-In. The MAC started a petition to save this benefit, and the Home Repairs Benefit. Our petition with more than 3,000 signatures from people across Ontario was sent to Community and Social Services Minister John Milloy.

While this is a step in the right direction, only 66% of the funding was restored, and only for 2013. Stay tuned for details on how we can take more action for poverty reduction.

Thanks again to everyone who joined the fight. In these times of economic cuts, this is a valuable win and proof that you can make a difference!

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